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Our Mission

To be at the forefront of Africa’s real estate industry by developing cost-effective properties while delivering high-quality service.

Our Vision

To create affordable housing options, reduce the housing shortage in Africa by 2%, and improve the real estate industry through innovative solutions, environmentally friendly building methods, and development initiatives.

Our Core Values

                                                                     OUR MANAGEMENT TEAM 

Gidi Real Estate Investment Limited is a fast-growing Real Estate firm in Nigeria with core competence in developing and selling lasting, lucrative properties.

Gidi Real Estate Investment Limited is an innovative player in Africa’s Real Estate that is dedicated to solving the sector’s housing deficits and improving it via affordable and high quality solutions.

Gidi Real Estate Investment Limited is constantly coming up with new, innovative solutions to meet the needs and satisfy the demands of its clients and be at the top of the Real Estate Market.

The company stands out for its ability to grab opportunities in the Real Estate Industry and its track record of excellence in deals, which are both a result of our financial stability and strategic positioning.

When it comes to conducting diligence, creating documentation, and finding properties in suitable areas, their team is hands-on.

Also work continually and assiduously to interpret and act upon economic forces in the market; and with every transaction, we stress on creative problem-solving coupled with judicious application of sound real estate principles.

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